Revolutionizing Water Management in Your Community

Flume Utility & Business Solutions empowers water agencies to make intelligent decisions for their communities using precise water data solutions. As industry leaders in residential water data, we offer water agencies a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to revolutionize how they optimize programs, support their customers, and manage water resources.

Empowering Consumers, Enabling Water Agencies

We set out with a simple mission: give homeowners a way to control, manage, and save their water. From that goal came the Flume Water Monitor, a revolutionary device that attaches directly to residential water meters, capturing precise data in real-time at 5-second intervals. As homeowners across the country adopted the device, we realized its transformative potential for water agencies. 

Flume Water Monitors empower residents to conserve and manage their water use while simultaneously helping water agencies manage and improve customer satisfaction. With Flume showing your customers exactly where their water is going, you’ll reduce call volume and customer confusion about water bills.

We offer water agencies two customizable products:

Flume Water Monitor rebate programs for your customers.
Residential water use analytics for utilities 

The Easiest Rebate You'll Ever Run

Water agencies partner with us to offer significant rebates on the Flume Water Monitor for their residential customers. Flume does all the heavy lifting for you, including shipping and support. Residents install their device in just 10 minutes, gaining access to their water use in real-time, down to 0.01 of a gallon. 

Through an accompanying mobile app, the Flume Water Monitor offers:

Detailed Water Monitoring

Gaining insightful breakdowns of indoor/outdoor water use, water appliances, and fixtures.

24/7 Instant Leak Detection

Stopping leaks both big and small in their tracks.

Customizable Water Use Goals

Enabling residents to manage, control, and save their water.

Data Empowerment: Revolutionizing Water Management

Our nationwide network of Flume Water Monitors gathers real-time data, offering unparalleled insights into residential water use. We partner with water agencies to create a suite of community-specific data, including analysis of indoor vs. outdoor water use, water fixture-level data, seasonal trends in residential water use, real-time leak alerts, and more.

Improve water demand planning and forecasting. 
  • How much water do households use, indoors and out?
  • How does irrigation change by season?
  • When are people using the most/least water (peak demand)?
  • How much water will a new 2500 sq. ft. tract home use?
  • How does home value, size, and age affect indoor water use?
Assess compliance with state and federal water regulations.
  • How much water is wasted on leakage within the home?
  • What percentage of water is being used for irrigation?
  • How does household water use (indoors and out) compare to state regulations?
  • How many water softeners are in my service area and how much effluent do they discharge?
Develop dynamic conservation programming in response to changing water conditions.
  • Are households using water efficiently?
  • Do drought restrictions work?
  • What percentage of households have efficient toilets, shower heads or washing machines?
  • Do conservation programs work? Is it valuable to fund toilet replacements? 
  • Do water-efficient products (i.e. dishwasher detergent) save water?

Flume Rebate Program Benefits

After adopting a Flume Rebate Program, water agencies experience significant improvements in residential water behavior and residential customer satisfaction.* 


of Flume users detect a leak, stopping water waste.


the average reduction of water use by Flume users.


of Flume users feel less of a need to call their utility.


of Flume users report a more positive opinion about their water utility.

*produced by Flume customer surveys and water agency case studies.

Who We Work With

Utilities and City and County Water Departments

Whether looking to meet conservation objectives or gain key insights on community residential water usage, Flume Utility & Business Solutions has the ideal technology and insights that utilities and city water departments need.


Flume Utility & Business Solutions works with wholesale water providers throughout the U.S. to provide key insights on residential water use in their service area, and to encourage conservation through direct rebate programs.

Regional Agencies

By working with Flume Utility & Business Solutions, regional agencies can encourage conservation through rebate programs and gain key insights on how water is used in households throughout a service area.

State Governments

Better understand statewide water usage and determine local compliance through Flume Utility & Business Solutions’ unique residential water data.

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