Flume reduces water damage claims by 80%.

Empower your customers with intelligent, 24/7 leak detection. Discover how our innovative technology can reshape your loss prevention strategy, while providing continuous value to your policyholders.

Flume solves a $20B per year problem

Non-weather water loss is the #1 largest loss category for US P&C carriers. Leaks from internal plumbing failure are responsible for the majority of these claims. On average, small leaks last for 45 days before they are detected and repaired.

A Simple, Proven Solution

The magic starts with an innovative device that is strapped to residential water meters, capturing precise water usage and leak data at 5-second intervals without interfering with meter performance. 

Our device goes beyond simple consumption readings, offering users 24/7 instant leak detection, detailed breakdowns of indoor vs. outdoor usage and insights into specific water appliances. Flume is a full-service, innovative, simple solution that is already deployed across 100,000+ homes across the US and is validated by the top insurers and utilities across the country.


Over 80% self installation rate, supported by California-based customer support.

Detect earlier.

70% of Flume customers detect a leak within 30 days of activation. 

Get notified.

Customers received notifications when a water leak is detected, included a call from a Flume Technician.

Flume Insurance Program Benefits

After adopting a Flume Program, insurance companies experience significant reductions in water related claims and increased customer satisfaction* 


of Flume users detect a leak, stopping water waste.


the average reduction of claims compared to non-Flume users.


of Flume users report a more positive opinion about their insurance company.

*produced by Flume customer surveys and water agency case studies.

WHAT DO OUR Customers SAY?

Why Homeowners Love Flume

Once installed, the unit immediately found a leak and I learned that two of my toilets were silently leaking a total of 800(!) gallons of water a day. There were no signs or leaking sounds whatsoever, but Flume was able to detect it. Our household went from using 1100 gallons to 300 gallons a day. I’m sure the unit will more than pay for itself within the first month.
Lawrence R.
Found a leak of 800 gallons a day
I had several slow leaks that were using between 5-7 thousand gallons a month. Flume detected them and made a great guess as to where they were. I had a problem with 2 of my toilets, the washing machine and my irrigation system for my lawn. I rebuilt the toilets and this dropped my usage immediately and then I discovered that the watering system had a slow leak. This turned out to be a valve with plastic sediment in it that was not letting it close completely. Cleaned that out and the problem disappeared.
Lloyd W.
Amazing tool!
Installed and verified it worked properly for two weeks. After verification period, we left for our winter home. Thus far, no leaks and the only water use is our expected plant drip watering twice a week. Great product. We’ll be installing another unit at our winter home.
Russell B.
Home Water Monitoring While Away

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