World Oceans Day

30 x 30 

Dive into the deep blue and ride the waves of excitement because it’s time to celebrate World Oceans Day! World Oceans Day aims to emphasize the importance of protecting and restoring our oceans. Every year on June 8th, people around the world come together to honor and appreciate the vast wonders of our magnificent oceans. In December 2022 at the UN Biodiversity Conference, 190 of our world leaders made a global commitment to protect 30% of our watery world by 2030, dubbed “30×30.” As a healthy ocean is a key solution to climate and biodiversity crises, this could not have come at a more imperative time. With only 8% of the ocean and 17% of land protected now, this global effort is working to safeguard our, and the planet’s, future. 


Flume x 4Ocean

Here at Flume, we typically focus more on the salty waters’ counterpart, freshwater, but this year’s World Oceans Day has personal cause for celebration! In June of 2022, Flume began our exciting partnership with the renowned 4Ocean. Through this initiative, we committed to pull a pound of trash from the ocean for every Flume sold. This month, not only are we celebrating our 1-year anniversary with 4Ocean AND the completion of our 20,000 pound goal…but guess what?! We went above and beyond, reaching a whopping 20,055 lbs and counting. We are ecstatic to announce that we are continuing our partnership with 4Ocean, and are so excited for our future pulls. Together, we’ll make an even bigger splash in the fight against ocean pollution. 


Water Conservation x Ocean Health

You may be asking yourself, how are water conservation and ocean health connected? Great question with a surprisingly simple answer! The way we manage our freshwater resources on land has a direct impact on water quality downstream. Much of the household water we use in our daily lives eventually becomes runoff that flows toward beaches and coastal ecosystems. During this journey, the runoff water picks up dangerous pollutants along the way. This can include trash, fecal bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, oil and petroleum, and pesticides. In fact, stormwater and urban runoff are the leading causes of beach closures and swim advisories across the country as pollutants in the water can result in serious illnesses.

Simple fixes such as minimizing runoff by catching outdoor irrigation leaks, refraining from driveway car washes, or even picking up/scooping your pets poop can help mitigate contaminants.  By minimizing pollution and recognizing the intricate relationship between water conservation and ocean health, we help maintain the delicate balance of marine ecosystems, preserving the biodiversity and vitality of our oceans.


Flume x You

Water conservation is the single most important thing we can do to preserve the water supply. Luckily, here at Flume, we make that easy. From leak alerts to water monitoring, we give you all the tools you need to become water conservationists in your own right! As we move forward, let us recognize the vital role that sustainable water management plays in safeguarding the health of our oceans and our planet as a whole. When we work together, we can really make every drop count!