In a Northern California Water District, Flume Customers Saw a 17% Net Reduction in Water Use Compared to Control

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Help Your Customers Help Themselves

A more informed customer is a happier one. Help your customers understand their water bills and usage habits. With daily, weekly, and monthly breakdowns, Flume supplies the insights they need to make meaningful changes in their water use.


In a Central Texas Water District, 98% of Customers Would Recommend Flume to a Friend

So Easy You Can Let Your Customers Handle It

Avoid costly deployments. Flume ships directly to your customer's door with simple self-install instructions. No appointments or technicians required.

Conservation Made Simple

Helping customers catch leaks helps you gain ground on your conservation goals. Flume’s leak detection alerts and water budget features help customers save on their water bills and better understand their consumption habits. It’s a win-win.


of Flume Customers in a Northern California Water District Found Leaks

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Re-Imagine Water Data

Flume’s dashboard uses high-resolution leak and flow data to bridge the gap between you and your customers. Our real-time, household-specific and aggregated flow data enables tailored engagements to increase efficiency, manage leaks, and improve forecasting.


88% of Customers In a Southern California Water District Reported a Change In Their Water Use

Ready to Re-Imagine Water Together?

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Here are Some of Our Amazing Partners

Marin Municipal Water District: Using Real-Time Data to Manage Drought

During a severe drought, Marin was able deploy Flume devices on a massive scale to help reduce water use throughout their community. Once the devices were installed, Marin worked with Flume to understanding customer compliance with local drought restrictions to guide their community engagement.

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Marin Using Real Time Data To Manage Drought
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