With over 14,000 people in the US experiencing a water damage-related emergency each day, the importance of catching and repairing leaks quickly can’t be understated.

Flume wants to help you keep your home safe from water damage by providing customizable Usage Alerts to notify you of extensive running water. By maximizing Flume’s Usage Alerts, you can quickly put a stop to leaks before they cause catastrophic damage!

When you first install your device, Flume automatically creates two Usage Alerts to help you get up and running fast.

First, is the Flume Smart Leak Alert:

The Flume Smart Leak Alert by default notifies you if water is running constantly for 2 hours. This Usage Alert uses machine learning abilities to ignore certain events such as irrigation, making this Usage Alert “smart”. So, let’s say that this alert is set to trigger if water is running continuously for more than 2 hours. Let’s also say that you irrigate for 3 hours every day. You would expect that your irrigation would trigger this alert 2 hours into your irrigation schedule. However, since this alert is smart enough to ignore the irrigation, the alert will not trigger.

The Flume Smart Leak Alert is excellent at detecting low flow leaks such as running toilets, slab leaks, and pinhole leaks.


Next, is the High Flow Leak alert.

While high flow leaks are rare, they can cause severe damage and quite a headache in a short period of time. You can adjust your High Flow Leak alert to notify you if water is running above a certain flow rate (the default is 5 gallons per minute), for a duration that you chose (the default is a 15 minute leak duration). High Flow Leak alerts are excellent at catching disastrous leaks such as burst pipes, hot water tank failures, and irrigation system leaks.

In addition to notifying you of a leak, High Flow Leak alerts are great at notifying you when excess water is being used. For example, if you manually fill your pool, you could customize your High Flow Leak alert to notify you once your pool has finished filling.



If you wish to create your own Usage Alert you can do so through the Flume app. For example, if you plan on leaving your house and you don’t expect to be using any water while you are gone, you may want to set up a rule for Away Mode. This will notify you if any water is running for more than a couple of minutes and could be very useful for vacation homes. To set up an Away Mode usage alert:

  1. Create a new usage alert by selecting the + sign
  2. Name your new usage alert “Away Mode” (or whatever you would like)
  3. Set the flow rate to notify you if water is running above 0.0gpm, change the leak duration to notify you if water is running at 0.0gpm for however long you want, and set the alert to notify you however often you would like to be notified.

Household leaks across the U.S. waste up to 1 trillion gallons of water annually. Don’t let leaks go uncaught — use Flume to chase down leaks BEFORE they cause serious damage to your home and your wallet.