On Wednesday, August 2, Flume received the prestigious Business Innovative Award from the Alliance of Water Efficiency (AWE) during the Water Efficiency and Conservation Symposium in Chicago, Illinois. The Business Innovative Award recognizes technological advances, research breakthroughs, and innovative practices of current member organizations that champion the adoption, implementation, or public acceptance of water efficiency and sustainability.

Flume is honored to partner with AWE and their shared commitment to advancing water efficiency and sustainability. This award is in recognition of Flume’s position as a pioneering force in reshaping water analytics and promoting conservation. 

“Flume’s work over the past 5 years has helped utilities advance their efficiency programming and intelligence into residential water use,” said Ron Burke, AWE CEO and president said, “AWE is glad to partner with them to help make this data and insights easier for our members to access.” 

AWE utility members are able to access Flume devices and data at a discount. Flume’s revolutionary device, the Flume Water Monitor, straps around an existing water meter, bringing real-time water data to homeowners via the accompanying mobile app and providing 24/7 instant leak detection, personalized water budgets, and breakdown by individual water appliances. Utilizing a nationwide network of Flume Water Monitors, Flume works with homeowners, residents, and water agencies around the nation to provide a suite of community-specific analytics, including indoor vs. outdoor water use, water fixture-level data, seasonal trends in residential water use, real-time leak alerts, and more. 

“The Business Innovation Award highlights Flume’s dedication to advancing water management,” said Ric Miles, CEO of Flume. “Our mission has always been to empower both water providers and consumers with essential insights to foster a sustainable future. We are immensely thankful to AWE for their acknowledgment and continued support.”


About AWE

A five-time winner of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) WaterSense Excellence Award for Strategic Collaboration, AWE’s network of members includes more than 500 stakeholders representing manufacturers, water and wastewater utilities, government agencies, water conservation professionals, planners, and consumers working together to ensure communities, businesses, and ecosystems have the water they need to thrive.  


About Flume

Inspired by California’s 2015 record-breaking drought, Flume empowers homeowners to better understand their use and conserve water. By providing real-time water use information, Flume protects the home, puts the power of water consumption and conservation in the customer’s hands, and improves the relationship with our most precious resource. The Flume® Smart Water System consists of an easy-to-install sensor that adapts to most existing home water meters, which communicates water use to the homeowner in real time. To date, Flume has tens of thousands of devices installed across the United States. Learn more at www.flumewater.com.