Pool Leak Detection: How Flume Technology Can Help

Clean freshwater is a vital and increasingly scarce resource on our planet. Considering that a standard residential swimming pool that measures roughly 14 x 28 feet and ranges in depth from three to five feet holds more than 12,000 gallons of water, homeowners should prioritize preventing, detecting and repairing leaks. Data from the Florida Community Association Professionals (FCAP) estimates that approximately one in every 20 (or 5%) swimming pools typically has an active leak at any given time. Small to moderate pool leaks will often remain undetected for months or years.

Some of the most common ways that swimming pools lose water include splashing, pool cleaning activities, evaporation and leaks. Swimming pool leaks not only waste water but may also increase water bills, create a need for costly repairs to damaged property, pose health risks and harm the environment.

The Flume Smart Home Water Monitor system is a potential solution for those seeking a pool leak detection kit and also represents a valuable and comprehensive whole-home water leak detection system. The Flume system uses some of the newest leak detection technologies and allows property owners to manage, monitor and conserve water both indoors and outdoors.

What is Flume Technology?

The Flume Smart Home Water Monitor system uses the Flume Water Sensor, a battery-powered device that connects to your home’s water meter and provides real-time, 24/7 monitoring of the water flow. Homeowners will interact with the system through the Flume App on their smartphone, which receives data through the Flume Bridge and is linked to the home’s WiFi network.

After installation, property owners may access water use information for the home’s interior and exterior areas. Flume’s leak detection technology will detect and notify you regarding low-flow leaks, such as those associated with water softeners, irrigation valves, showers, toilets or sinks. Having prompt notification about a potential leak can help prevent minor problems before they become major calamities.

The system also integrates with a host of other smart home systems and applications, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and the irrigation controllers from Rain Bird. Homeowners can create customized water data reports, monthly water budgets and more.

The Importance of Detecting Pool Leaks Early

Water leaking from a pool might travel and collect in areas where it often creates instability that might adversely impact the integrity of the pool or your home’s foundation, patios and other structures. Leaks may also have other financial ramifications, as gallons of lost water drive up utility expenses.

Undetected leaks often result in standing or stagnant water that promotes harmful mold or mildew and encourages various pests. Soil and other materials may enter your pool through cracks, disrupting the delicate chemical balance of the water and resulting in algae growth.

Environmental concerns may emerge from leaks, as chlorinated water runoff harms your grass and plants. Heated pools will likely require more energy to sustain the water temperature, ultimately creating emissions that contribute to climate change.

Scenario Analysis

A report in AQUA Magazine discussed a relevant case involving a large outdoor swimming pool at a country club with leaks. The pool was positioned at a slight elevation; therefore, a water leak caused excessive moisture to accumulate in an adjacent parking lot that posed “slip-and-fall” risks and promoted algae growth requiring the maintenance staff to pressure wash the surface.

A service contractor visited the property, identified a leak and completed some costly repairs. Although less water was being lost after the repairs, another undetected leak still existed, which required additional expensive repairs. Aside from the repair costs, the leak caused a host of direct and indirect losses over time, including:

  • With rates of $3.56 per 1000 gallons, water losses alone generated roughly $6,000 in additional utility expenses.
  • With rates of $8.95 per MCF, natural gas bills spiked as the pool heater became very inefficient.
  • Other expenses and problems included maintenance labor, wasted chlorine and other water treatment chemicals and parking lot inaccessibility.

Using Flume to Detect and Manage Pool Leaks

The Flume system will send alerts to the Flume App on your smartphone if and when pool leaks are detected. For example, the default known as the Flume Smart Leak Alert will notify you at any time when the water runs continuously for 2 hours, such as if a pool leak developed. What makes this alert “smart” is that the system uses machine learning technology to ignore certain water usage events, such as if you have a regular 3-hour long landscaping irrigation cycle.

The High Flow Leak alert occurs when the system detects deviations in the water flow rate, such as if it exceeds 5 gallons per minute. Here, homeowners who fill their pool manually might modify the High Flow Leak alert setting to send a notification once the filling of the pool is completed. Using the Flume app, you can create your own usage alerts based on your needs.

Buyers of the Flume Smart Home Water Monitor system may complete the simple, self-installation process, which requires no plumbing work.

Fortunately, the Flume system requires very little maintenance. The batteries in the sensor device may last for one year or more. To extend battery life, homeowners should minimize the distance between the Flume Sensor and the Flume Bridge and allow for a clear, unobstructed sight line.

Additional Benefits of Using Flume Technology

Flume Smart Home Water Monitor system offers a variety of water management features. Some of the examples of options include:

  • Water use by interval: Analyze the amount of water used today, in the last 24 hours or this month.
  • Monthly water budget: Track your usage in real time compared to your monthly goal.
  • Allocation details: Review the amount of water used by specific appliances.

The Flume Smart Home Water Monitor now also integrates with Orbit’s smart controller known as “B-hyve.” This integration provides additional capabilities related to sprinkler or irrigation systems. For example, the WeatherSense® technology monitors the weather and adjusts accordingly in response to rain events or periods of drought.

Visit this link for additional information regarding Flume’s business and utility applications.

Pool Leak Detection System for Homeowners

The Flume Smart Home Water Monitor is an accurate, innovative and comprehensive tool for homeowners with a swimming pool. With real-time pool leak detection, you can detect small problems before they escalate into costly ones. Achieve water conservation goals while minimizing utility expenses and doing your part to protect the environment. 


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