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Flume Smart Water System
for only $149 +tax and shipping $199


Purchase your Flume intelligent leak detection and water management system before supplies run out! In partnership with DWA, this limited-time offer helps you maximize efficiency, protect your home from damaging leaks and gain insight into your usage for only $149 + tax and shipping (a $199 value).

Protect your home. Slash your water bill.

Flume owners may save 30-50% on their water bill and may be eligible for up to a 5% discount on homeowners insurance!

  • Self-Install in minutes

    No need to cut pipes, simply strap around your water meter.

  • Smart water management

    Monitor your water usage anytime, anywhere with your mobile device.

  • Intelligent leak detection

    Protect your home from costly and damaging leaks.

  • Take control of your house

    Gain insight into the cause of your high water bill and take action.

  • Set budgets and goals

    Get notified as you approach a daily, weekly or monthly limit.

  • Support at your fingertips

    The Flume support team is ready to help with easy to use in-app chat.


Buy your top-rated Flume Water System for $149 +tax and shipping today!