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Flume & Rain Bird Corporation Partner To Bring Next-Gen Water Management and Data

(San Luis Obispo, CA—May 10, 2023) – Flume, the company that brings connectivity and intelligence to residential water usage, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Rain Bird Corporation.…

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Earth Day Around the World

What is Earth Day?  Earth Day is an annual celebration of our planet and all of the incredible natural beauty it has to offer. Every year on April 22, people…

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From a Drip to a Flood: The Cascading Effects of Water Leaks

Water Leaks Big and Small   The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s annual Fix-A-Leak week takes place every third week of March to promote water conservation by encouraging people to find…

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World Wetlands Day 2023 | It is Time for Wetland Restoration

World Wetlands Day   World Wetlands Day, celebrated annually on February 2nd, aims to highlight the urgent need to prioritize wetland conservation on a global scale. This year's theme, It…

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Flume Launches Landmark Program to Fight Drought With LADWP

California is experiencing the state’s driest period on record, with over 98% of the state classified as severe drought or worse. Climate scientists believe the drought will very likely persist…

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The Ocean Plastic Crisis – And What We Can do to Stop It

The Plastic Crisis  Humans produce 300 million tons of plastic each year. 14 million tons are ending up in the ocean. In the past couple of decades, we’ve had to…

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All The Very Best of Flume, Now Included With Every Purchase!

We are very excited to announce that Flume purchases on or will now come with all the very best features Flume has to offer, no subscription required! Starting…

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How To Stop Household Water Leaks

By: Joanna Birns Household water leaks are responsible for an absolutely staggering amount of water waste with the average American household wasting an average of 10,000 gallons/year to leaks. All…

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What To Do Once You’ve Caught A Leak

Tips For Locating Troublesome Leaks In Your Home By: Joanna Birns Small leaks can pack a BIG punch - especially if they aren’t caught quickly. While most homeowners tend not…

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