10 Water Conservation Tips to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day holds a special place for us here at Flume. As a company that is driven to protect the world’s most precious resource (water!) we are extra excited to celebrate a day completely dedicated to saving it. We hope you share our passion for conservation so we wanted to pass on some helpful water-saving tips to help you make an impact in your home and your community:

  • Water conservation tip #1 – Identify and fix water leaks in your home and yard 
    • An irrigation system that has a leak about the thickness of a dime can waste 96,000 gallons of water per month. One leaky faucet wastes up to 3,000 gallons of water a year. That’s enough for 180 showers!
    • Flume monitors water flow 24/7 to identify and catch leaks both in your home and in your yard before they result in wasted water and costly expenses!
  • Water conservation tip #2 – Water conservation tip #2 – Use a broom to clean driveways, sidewalks and patios as a water-free alternative to a hose
    • Switching to a broom instead of a hose can save on average 8-18 gallons per minute and is a great arm workout!
  • Water conservation tip #3 – Take control of how you water your yard to maximize conservation
    • Maintaining your yard is one of the single biggest sources of water consumption in your household and is on top of everyone’s minds this Spring season. Follow these quick tips to help reduce waste:
    • Water lawns early in the morning during the summer months to avoid water evaporation from the heat
    • Position sprinklers to avoid watering driveways or streets
    • Implement a smart irrigation system to turn off water during rain storms and control your water by zone to prevent overwatering
    • Stay tuned for a special partner announcement from Flume!
  • Water conservation tip #4 – Run the dishwasher only when full
    • Maximizing the space in your dishwasher can help reduce the amount of times the dishwasher is run. This practice will save water, energy, detergent and money
  • Water conservation tip #5 – When washing dishes by hand, don’t let the water run. 
    • Fill one basin with wash water and the other with rinse water, then water your plants with the rinse water
    • Save water while giving life to your household plants!
  • Water conservation tip #6 – Keep a container of drinking water in the refrigerator. Running water from the tap until it is cool can waste quite a bit of water
    • We all know water tastes better when it’s cold, especially in the summer months. Reduce waste from running water by storing a pitcher of icy cold water in the refrigerator
  • Water conservation tip #7 – Reduce your shower time from 10 minutes to 5
    • A simple reduction in the amount of time spent in the shower can save up to 12.5 gallons of water adding up to almost 4,600 gallons of water a year per person!
    • Flume works to identify what areas of your household are hogging all the water so you can take action to reduce
  • Water conservation tip #8 – Turn off water when brushing teeth or shaving
    • Dental hygiene and looking good is part of the game. Help reduce your waste to do so by turning off running water when brushing, or plugging the sink to rinse your razor. This can save approximately 10 gallons per day and up to 300 gallons per month!
  • Water conservation tip #9 – Wash only a full load when using an automatic washing machine 
    • Washing machines can use a lot of water – on average using 32-59 gallons per load. Maximize your laundry loads without overfilling to decrease water use
    • Using cold water as often as possible is a great way to save energy and to conserve the hot water for uses that cold water cannot serve. This is also better for clothing made of today’s synthetic fabrics!
  • Water conservation tip #10: Set a water use budget and stick to it!
    • In a 12-month study completed with Rainbow Municipal Water District, 50 Flume customers saved more than 4M gallons of water, and 88% reported a change in their water usage behavior
    • Flume works with you to identify areas of waste within your household so together we can take action to reduce waste of Earth’s most precious resource. Use the budget tool actively track your progress and benchmark your use with your neighbors and help foster a community that is focused on saving your own tiny part of the planet

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