We are very excited to announce that Flume purchases on flumewater.com or Amazon.com will now come with all the very best features Flume has to offer, no subscription required! Starting 4/12/22, we will bring industry-leading advanced features to your Flume app experience so you can conserve water better, save more money and protect your home.

Now Included At Purchase! Flume now comes packed with features including:

Water Use by Fixture & Appliance – Detail+: 

Detail+ offers you a brand new look at your water by showing you how much water the appliances in your home are using! Detail+ allows you to see what percentage of your water use comes from your toilets, showers, dishwashers, water softeners, sprinkler systems, and more. If water comes out of it, you’ll know! With new daily, weekly, and monthly comparisons, you’ll  experience total control over your water use.

Indoor vs Outdoor Water Use

Take an in-depth look at your water consumption habits with indoor vs outdoor water use comparisons. Outdoor irrigation wastes more water than we realize, and with warmer weather right around the corner, you’ll be prepared to optimize your irrigation schedule and increase your savings.

Custom Budgets & Leak Alerts

Every home uses water differently. Flume now gives you the ability to set daily, weekly and monthly water use budgets so you can customize your Flume to fit your home’s specific needs. Don’t know where to start? Flume automatically recommends a budget for your home after analyzing your water use. Don’t fear your water bill with tools created to give you more control!

In-App Support 

Our dedicated support team is available to chat 7 days a week to help you with all of your water needs.

Savings on select professional services powered by Angi™ 

If you need help finding a leak, call a pro! Flume users are eligible to save up to 15% on home repair services like faucet, fixture, or appliance repair.