Flume Water Monitoring & Leak Detection

Detect Leaks.
Prevent Water Damage.
Control Your Water Usage.
Self-Install in 10 Minutes.

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Flume Empowers You With a Crystal Clear View of Your Water Use

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Simple Self-Installation.
No Plumbing Necessary.

Just download the Flume app, connect to wifi, and fasten the sensor. No real dirty work required, but we included gloves just in case.

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Showered with Compliments

Worth every penny

The Flume does everything it says it will without compromise. It’s clearly built from quality, the technology is amazing and it’s useful to help save water by showing you accurately and simply just how much water you’re probably wasting. It took 15 min to set up and the App is brilliant. I’m convinced that if we all had this, it would help reduce drought conditions.

Joe D

It already saved me money

I installed Flume about 2 months ago. Within a week, I had a major leak in my sprinkler system at 11 pm. Flume notified me and I turned the valve off until it was repaired. Yesterday I was notified of a possible minor leak and found a toilet valve that needed replacing. I am now recommending Flume to everyone I know.

Don S

Awesome product, super easy to install

This product is fantastic. The install was less than 10 minutes and Flume immediately notified me that there was a leak the following day when my daughter left her sink running.


A Mission to Protect and Empower

Doing Our Part to Protect Our Most Precious Resource and Your Most Precious Asset

Knowledge is power. But when it comes to water, many of us don’t know where to start. We designed Flume to change that. Flume puts the power of data in your hands, protects your home, and improves your relationship with our most precious resource.

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Protect Your Home and Save the Planet at the Same Time

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